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in dreams

In dramat e botës on 4 Maj, 2008 at 9:55 pm

i am sitting at my favorite spot, in my favorite bar. my closest friends are there. so are you. and it’s so odd, because i haven’t seen you in so long. just yesterday i was thinking that i was beginning to forget your face. your beautiful beautiful face which i have kissed on countless sunday mornings. you’re there and it’s as though we never parted. i am so happy to see you my heart feels as though it’s about to explode.

what was that? one second. perhaps two? i used to console myself once that we would soon meet in a dream and that that would be better then nothing. but now… now that is three in the morning and the only living thing stirring about is my pounding heart… now i’m thinking that it’s awfully cruel for you to make your grand appearance in my silly little head for a silly little second.

it’s sunday morning. and we are now utter strangers. dreams are cruel.


trëndafil që rri në portë...


Përse të mos qeshim???